How Website Accessibility Can Boost Your SEO

Written by Mike Waterston

In case having a website that’s accessible to all users wasn’t enough incentive on its own, here’s another reason – it will help boost your SEO rankings. Yeah, true story. On the surface it may not seem like the two are connected, but behind the subtle scenes of your website’s code, proper accessibility practices are providing a major boost to your SEO. What’s that idiom about birds and stones?

Website accessibility means creating an online environment in which all users, not just those with disabilities, are able to easily navigate, interact with, and understand the web. Having a website that features intuitive navigation, properly labeled links and images, and user friendly design aesthetics will result in users spending more time on your site, consuming your content, and engaging with your brand.

SEO refers to the curation of your site’s content in order to enhance your ranking in organic web searches. However, Google continues to adjust their search algorithm in order to combat dishonest SEO practices, like keyword stuffing and link building, so you’ll want to make sure you’re up to speed on the latest rules by reading our blog about the evolving SEO landscape.

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