Our department is interested in implementing a Live Support feature on our public website.  Does anyone have any recommendations on tool(s) that you have implemented on your websites?


  1. Michael Chen

    Here at Otech, we use Verizon’s Virtual Contact Center (VCC) to enable chat on the public website.

  2. ccampos

    I wasn’t involved with the project, but Commission on Teacher Credentialing also used Verizon Contact Center for live chat.

    I talked to both the project manager and one of the users of the product. Both had very good things to say. The project manager said that the product was easy to setup and maintain, and Verizon’s support folks were helpful and competent.

    We didn’t use it for anything like PC remote control, and I’m unsure if that’s an offered feature. It’s a hosted service, so there’s no server to install, software to update, etc. Setting up links to it on the web is trivial. It’s just a couple lines of HTML/JavaScript. I believe there’s an agent that can be installed on chat-enabled desktops, but I don’t know if that’s required.

    The chat user I spoke to also had good things to say. There were minor issues with pasting URLs and the way chats ended without warning, but it was otherwise functional and easy to use.

    VCC’s use here was suspended, but my understanding is that this was for business and not functional reasons. Hope that helps!

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