Most of us have tried and are currently using Google Analytics on our internet sites, but how about our intranet sites? Google provides online documentation saying that it is possible, but should there be any security concerns?

Has any department tried Google Analytics on their intranet site? Do you use the same GAcode from Otech? Were there any concerns from your ISO?

Thank you.

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  1. Richard Lehman

    This is a good question! Here are the things to know and consider if you want to utilize Google Analytics for your Intranet:

    1. It is secure. Google utilizes the URL only of webpages to determine what content was viewed. An intranet application should never display sensitive information in the URL. If it does, you should not use Google Analytics.

    2. The standard State of Califronia embed code for Google Analytics provided on includes a State-wide dashboard code (UA-xxxxxxx). This State-wide dashboard code is intended ONLY for public facing websites. Please do not use this code on your intranet site.

    3. We don’t recommend utilizing your department’s Google Analytics dashboard code for your public facing website also on your Intranet. A separate dashboard code is typically needed because the reporting needs are often so different that it confuses people concerning the audience and meaning of the report data.

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