WUG May 2015 Webinar Questions Answered

Hi Team.

As promised, here are the answers to questions received via webinar that were not covered in the presentation.  Most of them pertain to the CA Web Publishing service.

1.  Will this allow integration with custom db content or applications?

CA Web Publishing allows for embedding of custom code or output from outside applications.

2.  Is there a geographically separate failover hotsite?

We use our enterprise backup solution for disaster recovery.  We have failover for business continuity.

3.  Is the authoring security two factor?  If not what PW standards are enforced?

No two-factor.  PW standards are:

  • Passwords must be at least eight characters long.
  • User default passwords must be changed upon first login.
  • Passwords must be changed immediately if compromised.
  • Blank or empty passwords are prohibited.
  • Passwords must contain characters from at least three of the following four classes:
Classes Example
upper case letters A, B, C, …Z
lower case letters a, b, c, … z
Numerals 0, 1, 2, …
non-alphanumeric “special characters” punctuation marks and other symbols

4.  Will this allow cut and paste into templates from MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint?


5.  Is there a rollback functionality?

Yes, there is version control and rollback for content.

6.  When do we get a copy of this slideshow/presentation?

Within days of the WUG meeting, they will be posted to WebTools.ca.gov and announced.  (Update: This posting and announcement of recordings happened earlier today)

7.  For Google Analytics, do we have the ability to view activity on each page? Or just the main website?

Yes, each page as well as main site.

8.  Does this system support friendly URLs (ie, http://mydomain.com/newsletters to redirect to http://mydomain.com/pages/articles/newsletters.aspx)

Yes, it supports Search Engine Optimized urls that reference the title of the webpage.

9.  How much is this system going to cost our department if we choose to switch over from URSUS to Web Publishing?

Current URSUS customers will not be charged the onboarding and migration cost, but the monthly service cost will be the same for everyone.

10.  Along the same lines as the registration, is there any ability at this time to create web based forms? Kind of like a “Contact us” page where information (non-sensitive) can be submitted via the website.

Yes, you can create a simple online “contact us” form.

For additional information on CA Web Publishing, please visit:  http://marketing.otech.ca.gov/cawebpublishing/

Thank you.