Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) represents a worldwide effort to raise the profile of digital accessibility for people of all abilities. Anyone anywhere should be able to connect to the web, use the software, download mobile apps, etc. But some designers, developers, and information technology types are unaware of what can be done to make technology accessible and inclusive to users with disabilities. GAAD’s mission is to broaden technological boundaries.

To mark the day, a number of free, in-person public events are being held around the world; cities and towns. View the in-person events posted on the GAAD website.

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  1. Barbara Haven

    I enjoyed attending a San Francisco event for Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Some accessibility presentations are on SlideShare but accessing that site can be difficult from state networks.

    Other presentations are online on the presenter’s sites. Based in the U K, Laura Kalbag covered many parts of accessibility, and a very important facet readability well with excellent examples:
    Accessibility By Design
    By Laura Kalbag.
    “On Thursday morning I gave a talk online for Inclusive Design 24, a free 24-hour event celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day…”

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