New Accessibility Training Available

The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), Disability Access Services, has released its Summer 2015 training dates. Please visit our website DAS Trainings for additional details about these training opportunities, registration criteria and payment instructions. In addition, view the CalHR Training Calendar for more training dates coming soon.

For your staff who are interested in learning more about how to create documents and forms that meet Section 508 requirements:

For staff in Personnel, EEO Office, Return to Work and Reasonable Accommodation Coordinators, supervisors and managers:

The Department of Justice recently published a new technical assistance document, ADA Update: A Primer for State and Local Governments, to help State and local government officials understand how title II of the ADA applies to their programs, activities, and services. This 16-page illustrated guide addresses general nondiscrimination requirements, such as provisions relating to program accessibility, service animals, communicating with people with disabilities, other power-driven mobility devices, and policies and procedures. The document also addresses how the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design apply to the built environment, including existing buildings and facilities, new construction, and alterations.

For additional resources, visit our website Disability Access Services for answers to your most frequently asked questions on disability, employment, and access. You may also view our DVDs online at Employment Today or Boost Your Business or order your free copy today. Contact us if you have questions or to discuss other training opportunities.

Feel free to distribute this announcement to others in your department, affiliates, and/or partners such as ADA Coordinators, EEO Officers, Return to Work and Reasonable Accommodation Coordinators, Personnel Officers, Trainers, SDAC members, content creators, forms coordinators and Other Interested Parties who are interested in learning more about employment and equal access for individuals with disabilities.

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