Web Accessibility Technology Letter

Hi Team.

A new Technology Letter (TL 15-05) was released regarding Web Accessibility.

  • Website and web-based application developers, designers, programmers, and content providers must be familiar with the standards and guidelines for achieving universal web accessibility and must comply with applicable Digital Accessibility Laws as described in SIMM Section 25.
  • California Agencies/state entities must design and develop websites and web-based applications that are equally accessible to people with disabilities as well as those without disabilities.
  • By July 1, 2016, all public facing websites maintained by California Agencies/state entities2 shall include a webpage that lists standard browser usability features and links to additional pertinent information. A hyperlink to this webpage shall be included in the header or footer and be consistently displayed on all webpages, including the homepage. The hyperlink should not be included in any slideshow or rotating carousel display.
  • Instructions to assist Agencies/state entities to comply with this requirement and methods by which they can conduct web accessibility testing can be found on the WebTools website.