Hi Team.

The California Independent System Operator (ISO), which administers Flex Alert banners, would like to remind state webmasters to validate that Flex Alert banners on state websites are set up correctly before we get into summer months. Here is the message from ISO:

Hello Webmasters User Group,

This year the California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) assumed administration responsibilities for the Flex Alert dynamic banners on CA.gov websites, which inform consumers about how and when to conserve electricity to help avoid potential power outages. The ISO issues Flex Alerts, but previously certain activities to communicate the alerts were managed by an outside contractor, McGuire & Co. Inc.

The Flex Alert dynamic banners will not change because of this transition. However, please validate that the banners on your website are set up correctly before we get into summer months, when Flex Alerts may be needed to keep the lights on.

More information on Flex Alert banners can be found at http://www.flexalert.org/press.

The email address for Flex Alerts dynamic banners support and questions is now webservices@caiso.com. Or you can contact Cathy Young, Manager of Web Services at cyoung@casio.com | (916) 608-7279.