State Template V4 on WordPress

Content management is a real challenge for agencies of all sizes including my own, Ca. Dept. of Developmental Services. Moreover, other challenges inevitably arise when considering and choosing from the thousands of options available within the CMS market. Migrating, hosting environment, technology stack, tooling, version control, team collaboration, to name a few. And those are just the backend logistical challenges, there’s also the frontend implementation of the current and future versions of the Ca. State Template to uphold.

At face value, these challenges often seem insurmountable especially because they are typically in addition to the current workload of maintaining our Web assets. But if we plunge a little deeper, we can see these challenges as opportunities to empower ourselves and our teams to manage both our content and visual design in a resilient future-forward manner. This is why I’ve designed, developed and Open-Sourced a WordPress distribution that empowers you to exploit the aforementioned opportunities while mitigating the challenges. I call it it – GoldPress.

Every opportunity and challenged that was faced during the design and development of GoldPress, the solution was decided upon by answering one question, “Does this maximally improve the agency designer or developer’s experience future forward?” Rest easy knowing that your/our team’s positive experience was the ethos that drove this effort into existence. And it is for that same reason that GoldPress is Open-Source, to empower developers and designers across all of the State’s agencies to contribute to the continued improvement of our experiences and our constituent’s experiences.

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  • Menu Management (Home/Contact Icons)
  • Color Scheme Selector
  • Gov./Agency Officials Custom Post Type
  • Homepage Header Slider Custom Post Type
  • Custom Header Image Selector
  • Agency Logo Uploader
  • Widgets with Icon Headers

Future Features:

  • Mega-Menu Option
  • Documentation Page for Theme – Simple Install/Recommended Plugin’s List/Breakdown of Features
  • Connect Google Analytics Info
  • Connect Social Media Fields
  • Option to choose WordPress Search/State SERP
  • List is ENDLESS!
Alex Whedbee is a husband, father, designer, developer, Open-Source contributor, and rare coral collector from Sacramento, California. If the ideas or concepts above particularly resonated with you, please feel free to email Alex at: | Twitter: @AlexWhedbee