State Template V5

Will you make the state template version V5 available for other state webmasters before it is finalized so we can become familiar with it in order to deploy when it is released? I have downloaded most of the files but it would be nice to have a ZIP to work with.


  1. Michael Chen

    We are looking at a Beta release approach. The Template Team will make an announcement when the first Beta is available. The next major update to the state template will be v4.5 which will look like the current state portal. Please keep in mind that what you see on today is not a completed state template and does not have all of the features that the official template release will have. The actual template release will have been tested for backward compatibility from v4 to ensure minimal upgrade efforts. Please keep an eye out for communications in the next few months, thanks.

    • Kim Morton

      Is there an estimated release date for this, yet?

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