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My name is Alisha Herring, I am the department Website Coordinator for CAL FIRE. It has been a while since the last survey of department/agencies use of a CMS or WCMS. My department is in the process of transitioning our website into a more advanced, next generation website and would love input and feedback with regards to what other departments and agencies are doing and using. If you would, we’ve developed a standard list of questions that will help us in our processes and would appreciate you taking the time to answer.

1. What CMS application tool or service are you currently utilizing?
2. Do you utilize a vendor for management and maintenance, or do you handle everything in house? If you do handle in house, how many staff persons are assigned to the Internet (external facing web)?
3. What difficulties (if any) did you experience with incorporating the state templates into the CMS?
4. What kind of funding do you have available to manage/maintain your website(s), both Initial and Ongoing costs…
5. Is there anything else you can provide us details on regarding the way your current website is built, managed, and maintained?
6. How large is your site? (in terms of pages)
7. Does your system use a role-based workflow? How easy is it to use/configure?
8. What is your CMS used for?
9. Where is your CMS hosted (e.g., on-prem, in the cloud)?
10. How much traffic in a given time frame?
11. How often is the content updated?
12. What was the total cost of ownership (e.g., software, hardware, services, training)?
13. How often is the software updated by the vendor? What is the patch schedule?
14. Is it ADA Compliant?
15. What is the backend database (e.g., MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle)?
16. What is the availability of you site?
17. How long have you used this CMS software?

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  1. ccampos


    I’m in a small department on a very small team, so we don’t necessarily have the resources or answers a larger department does, but we officially started our static site to CMS conversion project last week. We’ve been through product selection, procurement, some of the project planning and our contractor has been on-site. I’d be happy to answer your questions as best I can.

    However, the answers are a lot to write out here, so I think a phone conversation might be easier. Feel free to contact me to setup a call.

    To send me a message, use my username above with the domain:

    (We’re also happy to provide the same info for other departments, if it might be helpful.)

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