In what format do you post your policies internally?

Thus far, we’ve authored them in Word and posted them as PDFs. I’m looking at the possibility of posting policies on our intranet in HTML form with a solid print stylesheet. Ideally, that would allow me to spend less time reviewing and marking up PDFs for accessibility.


  1. ccampos

    Hey Brian,

    We post ours as PDF. They tend to be all text, but PDF accessibility is an area where we need to improve.

  2. Amanda Poletti

    Hi Brian – in general we post them as PDF, although we do have a few HTML pages. I like your idea of posting them in HTML – so much better accessibility-wise and also helps with people who don’t want to download documents. It also helps with version control so you don’t end up with multiple copies of outdated PDF documents on your server if people name the files differently before uploading.

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