SharePoint Users!

SharePoint Users!

We are using SP to convert our Intranet in addition to moving some paper processes electronic. Wondering if anyone is doing some of these and can share their experience?

  1. Do you use SharePoint (SP) for electronic leave off requests and/or time sheets? If yes, what SP apps are you using? Is there a combo app?
  2. Do you use an employee phone list/directory app? If yes, which one.
  3. Do you maintain an org chart using Visio that pulls from Active directory? If yes, do you know how to add additional fields into Visio after the initial wizard set-up and have those new fields actually retrieve data from AD? We have added the additional fields, but cannot seem to get the information to pull from AD.

4. Do you use SP to display calendars? Individual calendars or team calendars? Do you use the default calendar app, or another one?

5. What is the biggest efficiency SP has improved for your organization?


Thank you for your time!