State Template (V5 beta) Update


Hello Team,

This has been a long time coming, an update to the progress on the development of the State Template V5. First we want to thank everyone that has been collaborating with us either on GitHub or directly on the state template. We encourage feedback and code contributions all the time as this is your state template. We will do our best to incorporate as many suggestions as possible.

In the past week we have pushed nearly dozens of fixes, improvements, and changes to the Beta version on GitHub addressing many reported issues. Below are some highlights of these changes which can be reviewed in detail by visiting the GitHub repository.

  • Fixed accessibility issues with the navigation menus and content modules including Service Tiles
  • Added additional color schemes including two new color schemes: mono and trinity
  • Changed colorscheme structure to avoid duplication of styles in cagov.core.css
  • Made sure all theme colors can be changed in colorscheme css
  • Added a V4 compatible menu style for easier migration path
  • Remedied numerous color contrast issues thoughout the template
  • Updated search to leverage the new Goggle Custom Search API
  • Updated the JQuery library to latest version (1.12.4)
  • Moved JQuery to the head before closing <body> tag
  • Fixed keyboard navigation trapping in the status bar area
  • Added source (LESS) files

I want to take this opportunity to thank Konstantin Koryaka for making most of these changes possible. Please review the latest changes and let us know if you have any feedback or issues. We encourage that you leave your feedback using GitHub. We are getting very close to a production release of the template. We anticipate we should have a release before the year is up. Please help us test the latest version including your experience going from V4 to V5(Beta).

V4 of the State Template will also get updates including the new Google Search API among several accessibility fixes. Our goal is to have those updates before the year is up as well. To see the latest changes to V5 (beta) please visit

Thank you for your support and patience from CDT’s web development team.