State Web Template Updates


The legacy, current, and beta versions of the state web template have recently received updates. Please visit the respective GitHub repositories to see changes and download the latest release.

Legacy Web State Template

The legacy (v4) of the state web template has gotten a patch v4.6 available for download on the legacy web template page. The update includes cleanup of CSS code as well as improvements for the mobile view. You can see the changes by visiting the legacy demo website.

Current State Web Template

The latest release for the current version of the state web template (v5) is 5.0.2. You can find what has changed by visiting the respective GitHub repositories. See the changes in action by visiting the demo website. Some key updates include:

  • Updated modernizr version
  • Updated OWL carousel plugin
  • Carousel navigation control buttons accessible
  • Cleaned up code in template’s core JS file
  • Added typography page to the sample directory
  • Updated charts page to use the charts libraries CDN links
  • Added template’s version number to source code of each page

Beta State Web Template

The BETA version of the state web template now has several new content modules. More importantly, it is now using Bootstrap 4 Framework and SASS technology. Explore the new content modules by visiting the beta demo website.  You can download the BETA version by visiting the GitHub repository and selecting the beta-bootstrap4 branch. The new content modules are: