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The portal serves as the front door to all State department websites, providing immediate access to major topic areas, news, hundreds of online services, and millions of pages of web content. Links to local help directories (e.g., 211, 311, 511) are provided on the homepage. The offers online live help/chat, a feedback survey, emergency alerts and advisories, telephone directories and keyword/name searches, email link for questions, and more.

State Portal & Refresh

California undertook a major redesign effort during 2007, bringing hundreds of State departments into a common look-and-feel. This was a significant undertaking, given the size and complexity of the State of California government. Departments were required to refresh their websites by November 1, 2007. In 2012, launched its responsible design website for desktop, smartphone, or tablet users. The responsive design template is available on WebTools.

Visitors to websites experience consistency. There is an online brand, a common look, tabbed navigation, standardized color palette, and key features in the same place. Tools are available to help State webmasters implement the accessible, branded template on WebTools.

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