Webmaster User Group (WUG)

For government employees only.

The Webmaster User Group consists of more than 500 webmasters, designers, content creators, and managers. Members include large and small State departments, including a few members from local cities and counties. Members meet to share real-world experiences on how to implement best practices, avoid common pit falls, and share new ideas. The WUG began meeting in August 2006.

Any State, city, or county government employee who is interested in expanding their website, hearing about available tools and training, and getting connected with their peers is welcome to join. Other membership benefits:

  • Stay current with California website standards and policies through speakers at conferences
  • Network with your peers on a variety of topics including Web accessibility, usability, and content preparation
  • Keep abreast of current Web development-related information through e-mail announcements
  • Have a voice in the way webmaster needs are met
  • Attend workshops and training
  • And more!

If you have any questions about becoming a member, contact us.


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