Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables API Update (ZIP) – October 2012

  • The Instructions for GFT API Wrappers Version 2.docx file contains the main things that need to change when you use the new GFT Wrapper API version 2 for your customers.
  • The Google Fusion Table API V1.docx file contains some ancillary information on how to use the GFT interface and the Google API Console to get the parameters (for your customers) that you need to include in the new GFT Wrapper API code (e.g. API Keys, OAuth Client parameters, etc.).

About APIs

API (application programming interface) enable your data to allow you, or anyone else to present your data on a website, or even build a map or graphical mashup that includes your data.

Google Fusion Tables

A free service to API enable your data is Google Fusion Tables. This product is extremely easy to use, and the methods to develop web enabled queries to access your API enabled data via websites and mobile devices are waiting for you to use. The following is a great video explaining Google Fusion Tables and how you can utilize it.


The following are some examples of live installations of Web query applications that utilize State of California API enabled data hosted in Google Fusion Tables:

CJP’s Discipline and Decisions Database Search:


OREA’s Appraiser Search:


OREA’s Enforcement Actions (automatic search submission, i.e. no search form)



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