The State of California News Portal aggregates hundreds of real-time news feeds and social media content from across State of California government agencies into one place.  The website is continuously updated, giving Californians a way to find out what is happening in State government – at a glance. The site includes hundreds of:

  • RSS Feeds
  • YouTube feeds
  • Twitter feeds

The site was launched in 2010.  It was designed as a way to bring all of the various news and social media content into one place, as well as market all of the social media channels available throughout the State. The project was a collaborative effort of the Office of Technology Services, and State agencies and departments.

Let us know about your RSS, Twitter, and YouTube feeds. They should be included in the State of California News Portal.

snippet image of the News Portal

How It Works

The News Portal contains hundreds of RSS, Twitter, and YouTube from State entities. When an entity publishes news, updates Twitter, or uploads a YouTube video, the News Portal is automatically updated – without human intervention. The only time the system needs to be touched by staff is when a new feed is added or deleted, saving the State time and resources.

The site is organized by topical areas such as business, education, government, health and safety, family, and visit. Users can also search for news using the search feature. The site provides a way for users to get a Statewide glance of the news vs. visiting multiple websites and social media channels.

Feeds are pushed to the State portal on the homepage as well as sub pages:

Twitter Feeds Featured on the State Portal

twitter feeds

 RSS and Video Feeds Featured on the State Portal

news and video feeds

State Departments and Agencies

Let us know about your RSS, Twitter, and YouTube feeds. They should be included in the News Portal.


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