State Entity Profile Application

The mission for is to engage users with relevant and effective information and services accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. In order to fulfill this mission, user-centered design and continuous improvement methodologies are applied to ensure users are connected with the services and information they seek.

To ensure the integrity and usefulness of the services information provided on the portal, a team of CDT developers created a new application called the State Entity Profile Application. This web application provides a convenient tool to all California government entities to add, update, or enhance the information provided to Californians about their services. The content strategy behind this approach is to standardize and sync information that is presented on the portal with the data provided by content owners to achieve a consistent user experience of the various state entities and the services they offer on the state portal.

Service Benefits:

  • Manage your presence on and increase visibility to critical services and information that will reach more of your constituents
  • Manage your services in one place and see them instantly appear on and on your websites
  • Be part of California’s digital services strategy using a tool that is very easy to use and quick to get started with
  • Adhere to the Statewide Web Standards Policy and standardize how you present digital services online using the latest State Template Standards


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