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State Template v5.6

The California State Template is a web template and web publishing standard offered by the California Department of Technology to state agencies and departments within the State of California and beyond.

As part of this release GitHub is leveraged to provide and encourage better collaboration. The California state template is open sourced and belongs to the California web community thus participation is welcome.

The v5 release contains several versions, namely HTML/Dreamweaver, .NET (.NET Core, MVC), PHP and as a WordPress child theme.

Note: You will be able to download the latest release using the GitHub repository links on this page. To get the latest updates that have been added after an official release look for the “Clone or Download” button under the “clone” tab on the respective GitHub repository.

View a working sample of the v5.6 template’s latest release:

Available Downloads

This is the standard HTML/Dreamweaver package with sample content

.NET Core
This is the .NET Core package that includes setup instructions

This is the .NET MVC package that includes setup instructions

WordPress CMS
Please email for more information

Beta Program

The state template uses a beta approach to showcase and test the latest features and improvements. To download the beta version of the state template just visit the GitHub repository and download latest v6 beta release. You can also see a working example by visiting the demo website of the latest beta release:

About the State Template

After the launch of the updated portal in 2016, the California Department of Technology (CDT) released a new state template for state government websites. The purpose of the template is to give all state government websites a standardized look and feel that promotes the brand as well as contributes to a consistent user experience.

The State Template includes even more new content modules and improved functionality providing a consistent way to display state services and various types of information that are similar across departments. By building out a state entered framework of content components webmasters are provided a consistent palette of tools and components that are designed with quality, accessibility, and responsive design out of the box.


View the Template Structure


The Statewide Template is architected to support semantic micro-data referencing enabling greater integrated answers from intelligent services: Siri, Google Now, Cortana, etc. Improved Accessibility due to utilizing industry frameworks and accessibility plugins including content semantics. The State template helps California present a unified user experience regardless of which state website you are on.

We encourage you to utilize GitHub to provide feedback and collaborate on the development of the next California state template! For questions please email

Examples of the State Template v5 adoption include the following (More to be listed soon):

Thank you for your continued interest and support of the CA State Template.

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