Statewide Analytics Standards

The State of California collects Web Analytics both at a statewide level, and at a State agency level.

State of California agencies have two methods whereby they may embed code for the purposes of collecting these standard State Web analytics. In selecting which method is best for each State agency, the State agency will need to understand their own analytics needs, and their own capability to manage their chosen technology implementation.

1. Directly Embed Google Analytics

Most prefer this method because it is straightforward and easiest to manage. In addition, the data collected typically meets most State agency needs. And any State webmaster is capable of implementing this method without additional training.

Directions for directly embedding State Standard Google Analytics within your website.

Note: if you have never implemented Google Analytics on your website before, we recommend you contact the State CA Web Team to set up an analytics dashboard for you. Having the CA Web Team manage your Google Analytics dashboard, ensures long-term availability to access this dashboard resource in the event of State agency staff turnover. And it also guarantees the high volume scalability of your Google Analytics dashboard, all free of charge.

2. Leveraging Google Tag Manager for Embedding your Google Analytics

The only reason necessary for utilizing Google tag Manager, is because you need to collect customized analytics tracking, not covered by the standard State analytics tracking.

Note: standard State analytics tracking covers the following website events:

    • Page view tracking
    • File download tracking (like PDFs)
    • Clicks on links to external websites tracking

If you must use Google Tag Manager, you must also provide your own State staff resources for your State agency to manage Google Tag Manager. These staff must be trained in Google Tag Manager, and understand the technical complexities, and testing and change management methodologies surrounding the implementation of customized tracking code on your website, through Google tag Manager.

Here are a couple quality Google Tag Manager training resources available on the web that you may consider:

Here are the directions for implementing the State of California standard web analytics tracking, within Google Tag Manager.