Photo Sharing


Photo sharing websites allow individuals to upload and share photos.

There are several free photo sharing sites available including Flickr, Pinterest, and Instagram. A full listing can be found on Wikipedia.

The majority of State entities are using Flickr or Pinterest, so this section of WebTools is primarily focused on those services. State entities are encouraged to use services such as these when that service enables them to further reach constituents.

Departments Using Photo Sharing Sites

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Getting Started


Flickr is a photo sharing website that allows users to view, upload, organize, tag, and comment on photos. Flickr also allows users to upload short videos.

Departments Using Flickr


Pinterest is a photo sharing site that lets users “pin” images to online “pinboards” and share them with people. You can use Pinboards to educate and inform people about government programs and point them to additional information. This provides a way engage directly with citizens.

Departments Using Pinterest

Good Practices to Follow

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