SocialSharer module

This module adds a group of buttons to your page that allows visitors to share the page via various social media services.



  1. Download and unzip socialsharer (zip).
  2. Copy socialsharer.css to your /css folder.
  3. Copy socialsharer.js to your /javascript folder.
  4. Copy the following HTML to your page or template where you want the buttons to appear.
    <div class="socialsharer_container clearfix">
    <a class="socialsharer_facebook" title="Share via Facebook"></a>
    <a class="socialsharer_twitter" title="Share via Twitter"></a>
    <a class="socialsharer_googleplus" title="Share via Google+"></a>
    <a class="socialsharer_email" title="Share via email"></a>
    <script src="/javascript/socialsharer.js"></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/socialsharer.css" />
  5. You may customize the appearance and position of the buttons by altering the CSS. You may also remove a button by deleting its <a> tag.



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