Temporary Template

2007 Fluid Design With Add-On Module

This module is an add-on for the 2007 template, which adds some of the styling queues from the 2010 template. Google Site Search and Google Suggest are also included.


1. If you have implemented the GSS add-on, remove the links to search_gss.css and search_gss.js from the <head> of your template.

2. Download the files (ZIP). Contents:

  • CSS folder (1 css file)
  • Images folder (1 folder)
  • JavaScript folder (1 file)
  • SSI folder (3 files)

3. Extract the zip and copy the contents of the css, images, javascript, and ssi folders to the corresponding folders of your site.

4. Open /ssi/header.html. Copy these lines to the top of the file.

 <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”/css/styles.temp.css” media=”screen, projection, print, tv” type=”text/css” />

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/javascript/scripts.temp.js”></script>

5. Open /ssi/footer.html. Copy this line into the inner div. See footer.sample.html for an example.

<span class=”footer_left”></span><span class=”footer_right”></span>

6. You may use a search form that searches only your own website, or a form that allows the visitor to choose between your site and a statewide search.

  • Search your own site only. Open heading.html. Replace this line:

<!–#include virtual=”/ssi/search.local_only.temp.html” –>

Open search.local_only.temp.html and update the sample ID at lines 13 and 25 with your own.

  • Search your site or search statewide. Open heading.html. Replace this line:

<!–#include virtual=”/ssi/search.local_and_statewide.temp.html” –>

Open search.local_and_statewide.temp.html and update the sample ID at lines 19 and 45 with your own.

7. Create a Search Engine Results Page.



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