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State Template Design & Layout

The 2010 design has been created following usability guidelines to create a strong brand presence for the state of California. At the same time, the design provides flexibility for the state government websites to create their brand identity alongside the California brand. The executive branch government websites are required to implement this new look and feel.

The following image shows the design, and indicates different components of this design. These components are described below, along with associated restrictions, if any, related to their proper usage for achieving the brand compliance.

Overall Design

The layout of the page should be as shown in the image. The image indicates the default color scheme. Agencies, departments, boards, commissions, etc. can choose other color schemes from the available palette. On one web page, the logo, navigation, and footer must use the same color scheme.

How to Implement Look and Feel

To adopt this new look and feel, use the templates and CSS provided in WebTools. These templates and CSS already include basic elements of the brand including the layout, logo, the tabbed navigation, footer, etc., in the default color scheme.

You can choose a different color scheme from available color palette, and create your agency or department branding. You would need to download these templates, understand the templating strategy, and learn the implementation process for templates.




California main home page with ribbon layout options

mega-drop down navigation

mini navigation

single navigation


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