Page Titles

Creating Meaningful Page Titles

Every page within your site should contain a meaningful page title. The page title is the text that appears in the title bar (top left) of a browser. Not only is it beneficial as a navigational aid so users can see where they are within your site, but they are especially beneficial for screen reader users. Additionally, many search engines will display results based on your page title.

If no page title is defined, the full web address or a default name assigned by the page authoring software, such as “Untitled” will appear in the title bar.


  • Short and meaningful page titles should be used wherever possible. This isn’t the place for the company motto. In as few words as possible, let users know what content will be found on each page.
  • Reverse the order of the information in the title, so the first information to be heard is the most relevant to that particular page. This way, the company name and even the section of the website can also be included, without causing undue repetition. For example: use “Homepage – State of California ” rather than “State of California – Homepage”, almost like a breadcrumb trail in reverse.
  • Unique and logical names should be chosen for each page, which distinguishes one from another and assures users that they have arrived at the page they wanted. For example: “Press release – Launch of new agency site – State of California ”.


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