Header and Footer


The layout of this area must be as indicated in the image above.

Header Elements – Required

CA.gov Logo 

  • The logo must appear at upper left corner with a link back to the CA main home page (www.ca.gov).
  • Must use the specified size (102 x 78 pixels); placement and dimensions not to be altered.
  • The colors of the logo should match the overall design and color scheme; colors not be altered.

About the CA Logo: In September 2006, we invited State webmasters, graphic artists, and others to submit their logo suggestions for consideration for the State’s website.

The logo was selected for its simplistic, yet stylistic features. It’s simplicity, clean lines, and compact design makes it well suited for use on department websites without taking away from their individual branding efforts. The logo works well in many different colors and sizes. The logo is an integral component of the portal and all future California websites. It signifies to visitors that they are on an official California site.

The winning logo resulted from a team effort with several people from the California State Parks Web Team. John Petersen, who did the illustration and design work, says the simplicity of the mark is key to its message. “It represents California stepping up to the next level of service, the clean lines signify the simplification of the process of serving the public, and finally the slanted letters represent the forward movement of our progress.”


  • CA.gov link as the first link (far left).


  • Choose the tier that best suits your organization’s needs.


  • Organization can choose from mega drop-down, mini, or single level navigation.


  • Organizations can use an Image (.png transparent background recommended, size 239 x 50 pixels) for creating brand identity for their branding. See sample banners in the Organization Branding section of this site.


  • The color scheme must correspond to the Logo and Navigation. Please include Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, Accessibility, Contact Us links, and Copyright. Links must go the organization’s site information and not the CA.gov website. Other suggested links: Help, SiteMap.


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