Web Development


1. Planning the Website:

Before you embark on the task of building a new website or migrating an existing site into a new design, take a little time to plan your project a bit. Time spent planning will only make the project move along faster, with fewer unexpected or unanticipated problems. When you migrate an existing site into a new design you have the perfect opportunity to rethink your existing site’s strategies and review its content. Many, if not all of the principles discussed in the following page(s) are as relevant to an existing site migration as they are to a brand new site build out.

2. Designing the Website:

Often times, the design process does not follow a sequential order. Many design decisions and actions are done in conjunction with other website planning and building decisions. Through the art of design, a website comes to life and takes the presentation of content to another plane. Design sets the mood for the website and is a powerful tool in providing a good user experience.

3. Building the Website:

Now that you have planned and designed your site, you will be able to draw information and elements from these steps to begin building what you have conceived. This section of the process is more of a step by step approach since it involves using the template packages from this website to technically implement the CA.gov design.

4. Maintaining the Website:

Due to the nature of the Internet, a website is never really done. Maintenance is a critical stage because a well maintained website reflects the dedication of the webmaster and the other stakeholders to the quality of the content. Remember, your website is only as good as the content you present and maintain. Websites need constant attention and grooming, particularly if multiple individuals share responsibility for updating content.

Maintenance requires some planning with focus on schedules and resources – even if the resource is a team of one. Many webmasters juggle multiple projects and task, thus it is critical to plan for maintenance to ensure the quality of the site is kept up.


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