Browser Testing

To ensure that all citizens have access information and services, your website needs to attend to the needs of a broad range of visitors, including those without reasonable access to advanced technologies. While more and more visitors have access to higher-end technologies, a significant percentage of the public still uses relatively low connection speeds, lower screen resolutions, and prefers a variety of different Internet browsers.

State websites should be designed, developed, and tested for multiple browsers and versions of browsers, operating systems, connection speeds, and screen resolutions, based on an analysis of an organization’s website visitors.

Organizations should balance the needs of visitors who use lower-end technologies with the need to pursue more advanced technologies and the added functionality those technologies may provide.

About the 2010 State Template

The 2010 template is designed for IE7 and newer, and current versions of all other major browsers (Firefox, Chrome). The 2010 template is designed to degrade in IE6 and older browsers. It will lose some formatting but all content should be readable.

Best Practices

State agencies should review visitors’ technological needs at least semi-annually (using web analyzer tools or other analytic data) to ensure that websites continue to meet the needs of their intended audience. Each agency can make their own decision about which browsers, etc. to test (according to their analytics).

It is recommended agencies add language to their website to help visitors. For example:

Technical Help –

“You should be using either Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), version 8.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or higher, Google Chrome 5.0 or higher, or Safari 4.0 or higher. If you are using an older version of either of these browsers, you will need to upgrade it.”

Browser Requirements –

“If you find yourself stuck on this page it means that you need to upgrade your browser before you can use the Online Professional Licensing System. Please see the information below to find out what browser version you should be using (version downloads can be found under the “How do I check my browser version” link below)…”

Browser Requirements–

“The current DMV website has been tested using the following web browsers:…”


Download the latest versions browsers:



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