Branding Best Practices

A brand has to feel like a friend. People have more choices today than they ever had. A good brand has to elicit an emotion the moment when someone recognizes it. For example, in automobile industry, BMW stands for safety with unparalleled standards on technology and other appealing aspects. Similarly, Sony stands for “crystal clear sound.” In the long run, this emotion is going to play an important role in shaping the future of brands.

To create a brand promise that creates such emotional connections, it should:

  • Define the inherent values of a brand
  • Create a a brand proposition
  • Discover your target audience
  • Create your brand promise
  • Create a brand statement
  • Make sure your organization’s services live up to your user’s expectations
  • Be clear about your company position
  • Creating a positive emotional association with your organization and service offerings
  • Embrace search engine optimization


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