Creating a Brand Identity

Domain Names and Branding

Domain names are the first step in implementing your branding initiative. Domain name represents your brand. The measure of a brand’s success is the carry-over “buzz” from the online world to the offline world. A domain name is a very powerful and cost effective marketing tool to help keep your site’s message memorable with your users.

Domain Facts

  • Using a highly recognizable domain name improves brand recall.
  • Applying a co-brand domain name convention that partners with a significant brand reduces the chance of unauthorized use of a domain name.
  • 84,000 domain names are registered a day.
  • Choosing a domain name.

It is recommended that your domain name be short, brandable and most important – easy to remember. If you are a part of a larger organization, registering an effective domain name is important since it associates you with a trusted source.

Define Agency Attributes

A brand is created by examining many details about what your agency is, what it does, what it stands for and what you think it should stand for. To start this process, your should consider your agency’s attributes.

  • Innovation – what innovations set your agency apart.
  • User perception – what is the perception the user has about your agency and what perception do you want them to have.
  • Trustworthiness – how will your brand demonstrate a high level of trust with users.
  • Local vs. global – consider your agencies place in the global marketplace?
  • Visual imagery and metaphors – what visual elements and symbols reflect your brand?
  • Brand heritage – what legacy or history does your brand represent?

Define Brand Goals

Once the agency attributes are identified, you can start to define the brand itself. Start by answering the following questions:

  • What is the brand’s vision and aim?
  • What makes it different?
  • What need is the brand fulfilling?
  • What are its value or values?
  • What are the signs which make it recognizable?

Brand Criteria

Before launching your brand identity, make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • Memorability – recognition, recall
  • Meaningfulness – persuasive
  • Likability – visually pleasing
  • Transferability – across borders
  • Adaptability – flexible, updatable
  • Protectability – legal, competitive


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