CMS Survey

Hi Everyone! My name is Kristen Gilly and I’m the webmaster at the Department of Managed Health Care.

We’re currently in the beginning stages of going through with a website refresh, which we will upgrade to the new State Template v5 and are thinking about switching CMS platforms. We currently use DNN 9.1.1, and have been having a LOT of issues with it. Like weekly, medium-high severity issues. I’m fairly new to the department, and was not here when the site was refreshed 3 years ago with DNN – so I’m not entirely sure if our issues stem from DNN, us or are a mixture of both.

When we talk with DNN Support, 90% of our issues are things they haven’t seen before, which leads me to believe that there might be an issue with the compatibility between our back-end development and front-end DNN. For those of you who work with DNN for your public website, do you have a similar amount of issues? Or does it work pretty well? It seems to be a very well written up CMS, so that’s why I’m so puzzled as to why we’ve been having so many constant issues with it.

I’m also interested in hearing any thoughts from those of you who use different CMS platforms – especially WordPress, Sharepoint or CA Web Publishing. We just implemented a workflow process that all of our offices now use to manually update their pages – so if there are any thoughts on the workflow processes of these CMS’s I’d be very interested to hear it.

If you have any recommendations on a specific CMS that I didn’t list – please share! I would love all the advice I can get.

Thank you,