We use Google Analytics to collect website analytics at the statewide level and the state agency level. We collect analytics using Google’s:

    • Universal Analytics (UA): Used to collect data for websites
    • Google Analytics 4: Used to collect data for websites and applications
UA properties will stop collecting data on July 1, 2023. UA 360 properties will have a one-time extension and stop collecting data on July 1, 2024. Visit Transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 for more information.

Analytics requirements

We require all state agencies to add our statewide analytics code to their websites. Learn more about analytics requirements by visiting:

Analytics account

A state agency must have an analytics account used to collect data from their website. To get an analytics account, either:

Request an analytics account through CDT

We recommend agencies request an account from our CAWeb Team using our Google Search and Analytics request through ServiceNow. This will ensure long-term availability to access your account in the event of state agency staff turnover.

Create your Google Analytics account

Agencies may create their own Google Analytics account, however, our CAWeb Team will not have access to help set up your account or customize your reports library.