State Web Template Updates

State Web Template Updates


The legacy, current, and beta versions of the state web template have recently received updates. Please visit the respective GitHub repositories to see changes and download the latest release.

Legacy Web State Template

The legacy (v4) of the state web template has gotten a patch v4.6 available for download on the legacy web template page. The update includes cleanup of CSS code as well as improvements for the mobile view. You can see the changes by visiting the demo website.

Current State Web Template

The latest release for the current version of the state web template (v5) is 5.0.2. You can find what has changed by visiting the respective GitHub repositories. See the changes in action by visiting the demo website. Some key updates include:

  • Updated modernizr version
  • Updated OWL carousel plugin
  • Carousel navigation control buttons accessible
  • Cleaned up code in template’s core JS file
  • Added typography page to the sample directory
  • Updated charts page to use the charts libraries CDN links
  • Added template’s version number to source code of each page

Beta State Web Template

The BETA version of the state web template now has several new content modules. More importantly, it is now using Bootstrap 4 Framework and SASS technology. Explore the new content modules by visiting the beta demo website.  You can download the BETA version by visiting the GitHub repository and selecting the beta-bootstrap4 branch. The new content modules are:

Digital Web Services Network Update – AB 434 Accessibility

Digital Web Services Network Update – AB 434 Accessibility

Hi Team,

As you know, there was a significant effort to launch information related to compliance with AB 434. We previously sent to you the Technology Letter (TL), TL 18-05 Website Accessibility Certification Policy which requires each Agency/state entity to certify that their internet website is in compliance with specified accessibility standard, located at

Now, we would like to announce that an introductory training course for website accessibility is being offered at our training center and can be found on the Training & Education Center Course Schedule .  It is a one day class which will be offered on the following dates; August 28th, August 29th and August 30th. We encourage you to sign up for this training and to share it with others in your organization who may benefit from this training.

TL 18-05 also includes a link to the Department of Rehabilitation’s (DOR) AB 434 Website Accessibility Toolkit at .

We hope you’ll find the Toolkit and training helpful as you prepare your website for accessibility certification.  We look forward to more discussion at our next meeting on October 18th.

If you have questions about the toolkit or the training, you may contact

How to remove ads from your Google search results

How to remove ads from your Google search results

Government Edition for Custom Search Engine is now available for free without ads for Government agencies or bodies at any level (federal, state, local, or tribal). Please use the following form to start the process.

Please note that the free usage of Custom Search Engine applies only to the client side Custom Search Element. Using the JSON API will still cost $5 per 1000 queries.

Restructuring of WUG with new Digital Services Council!

The California Department of Technology (CDT) recently announced the establishment of the Digital Services Council (DSC).  The DSC has expanded from the Webmaster User Group (WUG) which began in 2006. CDT would like to thank the WUG team for your years of dedicated focus in building this forum, and looks forward to continued collaboration with the web master community within the new formation of the Digital Services Council.

While the WUG was intended for government Web development topics, the DSC will build on this by providing a forum where state partners, local government and the IT vendor community can share information for both web and digital services (including policy, technology, tools and best practices).  

The DSC participants will continue to build and foster relationships within the digital services community and focus on topics including user research and user-centered design.  

The Digital Services Council kick-off meeting will be held May 3rd. Please register to attend by visiting:

Please direct any questions to:

Thank you! 

The Digital Services Council Team

State Template v5 Beta Survey

Hi Team.

We’re getting ready to release the non-Beta, production version of the State Template v5 next week! We’d like to get a feel of where everyone’s at, with a quick 3-question survey on what version of the template you’re currently using. Your input is greatly appreciated. Please click on the link below to begin the survey. The survey will remain open until 12/29/17. We will share the results with everyone at or before the next WUG conference. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Custom Search Element API 1.0 was deprecated on December 4, 2017


The Custom Search Element API 1.0, which was deprecated in 2012 in favor of API 2.0, is now no longer maintained. API 1.0 will stop working on December 4, 2017.

You can check if you’re using the 1.0 version by looking at the code on your search page for a call to  If you are, read on:

Next Steps

Please update your website to use the Custom Search Element API 2.0. The easiest way to transition is through the CSE Control Panel at, where you can generate your new Custom Search Engine code and add it to your website.

For more information, please see the official Google CSE team post.

CMS Survey

Hi Everyone! My name is Kristen Gilly and I’m the webmaster at the Department of Managed Health Care.

We’re currently in the beginning stages of going through with a website refresh, which we will upgrade to the new State Template v5 and are thinking about switching CMS platforms. We currently use DNN 9.1.1, and have been having a LOT of issues with it. Like weekly, medium-high severity issues. I’m fairly new to the department, and was not here when the site was refreshed 3 years ago with DNN – so I’m not entirely sure if our issues stem from DNN, us or are a mixture of both.

When we talk with DNN Support, 90% of our issues are things they haven’t seen before, which leads me to believe that there might be an issue with the compatibility between our back-end development and front-end DNN. For those of you who work with DNN for your public website, do you have a similar amount of issues? Or does it work pretty well? It seems to be a very well written up CMS, so that’s why I’m so puzzled as to why we’ve been having so many constant issues with it.

I’m also interested in hearing any thoughts from those of you who use different CMS platforms – especially WordPress, Sharepoint or CA Web Publishing. We just implemented a workflow process that all of our offices now use to manually update their pages – so if there are any thoughts on the workflow processes of these CMS’s I’d be very interested to hear it.

If you have any recommendations on a specific CMS that I didn’t list – please share! I would love all the advice I can get.

Thank you,