Google Search Console – Setup and User Access

Here are the steps on how to setup Google Search Console, verify your site, and grant read access to others.

1) Go to the Google Search Console at

step 1

2) Login to Google Search Console using your Google account

step 2

3) Select the URL prefix option and enter the URL of your agency site

step 3

4) Select one of the verification processes and follow the instructions to verify your site.  Depending on the build and configuration of your site, one of the verification options might be easier over the others.  Please work with the webmaster/developer of your site to implement the best option.

step 4

5) After you have successfully verified your site, go to Settings and click the Users and permissions bar.

step 5

6) Click on the Add User button

step 6

7) Add “” and set the permission level to Restricted.

step 7