Web Standards and Design System for California Government

Design and build user-centered, accessible, and mobile-friendly government websites.

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Web Standards

Review statewide web standards, guidelines, and policies and learn how they apply to your web properties.

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State Web Template

Explore the CA State Web Template and learn how it can help you jump start your web based projects.

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California Design System

The Design System’s beta release represents a new direction for building accessible, consistent, and performant digital services and interfaces.

Domain Name Request System

Use this system to request new and manage existing domains under CA.gov.

State Entity Profile Application

Engage users with relevant and effective information and services accessible to anyone on the CA.gov portal.

Digital Web Services Network (DWSN)

Join the growing community of webmasters, design experts, and communications folks invested in building better digital services.

Design Principles

Learn about design principles and best practices from government partners and industry leaders.

Community Updates

GitHub Best Practices

The Office of Digital Services (ODS) at California Department of Technology (CDT) recommends the following practices Best practices for GitHub Repos (Best practices for repositories - GitHub Docs) Create a README file to make it easier for people to...

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Five Digital Mistakes to avoid in 2023

Author: Koji Kumpulainien Disclaimer! It’s OK to make mistakes Do your best not to break these specific rules Innovation often requires us to break the rules Mistake 1 CAPTCHAs (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart)...

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CDT and ODI share the beta version of the CA Design System

CDT and ODI share the beta version of the CA Design System At the most recent DWSN presentation we shared the initial work and thinking on the emerging California Design System. We’re excited to share our early beta and invite you to share your feedback and...

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